"I had the great fortune to have my work edited by Emily, after I had revealed in a chance conversation
that I had written a number of short stories I was trying to get published.  Emily kindly offered her skilled
services, and the result significantly improved the clarity and readability of the stories. While I have
always prided myself on my grammar, diction, syntax and punctuation, having a fresh set of eyes as
skilled as Emily’s brought a readability to my stories that I will admit was previously lacking.

Emily’s attention to detail is nonpareil, and every logical flaw or plot inconsistency is revealed and
challenged with skill and an understanding that editing, if not handled with tact and consideration, can be
a soul-bruising process for a writer. She also provided excellent suggestions for improvement, without
attempting to control the story; her suggestions remain suggestions, not dictates. An example of her
editing skill is the ability to highlight a plot flaw and allow me, the author, to work it out for myself and then
have her provide feedback regarding the changes.

Having clearly annotated notes and suggestions gave me the feedback that I needed, where I needed it,
and there was no part of the manuscript that wasn’t addressed.  There is no doubt that my writing was
improved by Emily’s editing skills."

Pete Deegan
"My name is Andrew Joyce and I write books for a living. I’ve been lucky enough to have three of my
books become best sellers on Amazon. I only tell you this because I want you to know that I am
serious about my writing and will not publish a book until it is free of errors, and that means not until it
has been edited many, many times.

That’s where Emily comes in. She works tirelessly on my books from start to finish. I tell everyone that
they would be unreadable if not for her. And it’s the truth.

I’m happy to write this testimonial because I owe her big-time. Thank you, Emily."

Andrew Joyce
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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"Emily Gmitter has a true eye for detail.

I am a self-published author. While reading one of my earlier works (Victor of Thrace, Vol. 1), Emily
found and was kind enough to inform me about some minor issues and grammatical errors that my
editor and I had missed. She has the ability to spot the errors most people wouldn't see during the
editing process.

Being a self-published author (and this is true even for well-known authors), I know that--no matter
how many edit rounds are run--slight issues can still be found. Ms. Gmitter has exactly what you're
looking for when it comes to detail, because she will find what you or others miss.

I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to hire an editor."

Elizabeth St. John
~ Author of The Thrace Series, and The Bloodthirsty Saga ~