It can be a challenge for authors, especially first-time authors, to know exactly what type of editing they need for
their work. This challenge is further compounded by the fact that editing terms are often used interchangeably
and may have different meanings within the industry.

I am skilled in three different types of editing, and I offer all three as one combined service, essentially providing
you with multiple editing services for
one low cost.

I will review random sections of your manuscript and then provide you with a quote according to the fee schedule
The following fees are PER 1000 WORDS:

  •   $10 (Cleanest, defined as very few errors noted on review)
  •   $15 (Moderately clean, defined as a small number and variety of errors noted)
  •   $20 (Not clean, defined as many errors of several types noted)

Payment is accepted through PayPal only. Full payment is due on receipt of invoice.

A "pay-as-you-go" option is available; terms for this payment plan will be agreed upon at the time of hire.

NOTE: I will provide you with a sample of my editing work on the first 1,500 words of your manuscript
at no cost
or obligation to you.

These combined services will help polish your style, improve your prose, and produce the most "readable" book
possible. During the editing process, I will make corrections and suggestions related to the following:

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, abbreviations, formatting of numbers

Is the tone/style appropriate to the book's theme and target audience? Does the opening have a hook that
grabs the reader's attention? Do the first five pages hold the reader's interest?

Are there clichés, irrelevant jargon, inappropriate use of slang, repetitive words or phrases?

Are all proper names spelled correctly and consistently throughout the manuscript? Is there consistency
and credibility between a character's behavior and speech? Is narrative voice consistent?

Are characters well-developed or one-dimensional?

Is the dialogue credible and are dialogue tags appropriate or overused?

Sentence syntax: Do sentences make sense? Does the choice of words clearly convey the intent of the
sentence? Do sentences need to be shortened or otherwise tightened up?

I accept novels, novellas, and short stories (all genres), as well as children's books.