You've written your story, revised it, and revised it again. Now you are ready to publish, right? I know
you are eager to get your book out there, but first consider the following:

1) Do you know the number one complaint about self-published books? Poor editing.
Finding a small error or two, such as a misplaced/missing comma or a spelling error, won't usually
result in a dissatisfied customer, but more than that and readers often stop reading; errors are just too
distracting. Worse still, at least some will return the book for a refund, regardless of how interesting
your story may be.

2) How much effort have you put into your writing?
You have likely spent countless hours, and probably a few sleepless nights, researching elements of
your story, writing and rewriting. You have agonized over selection of a relevant and appealing book
cover, and, finally, you think you are done; however, until your manuscript has been edited and
proofread (ideally by two different sets of eyes), it is not ready for publication. Take your time. Your
readers will thank you for putting a well-written
and well-edited book in their hands!

3) I've gone over my book many times. Do I really need an editor?
Traditional publishing houses employ large staffs of editors and proofreaders to edit the work of their
clients, even those who are giants in the industry, e.g., Anne Rice, Nora Roberts, Stephen King.
Publishing houses do this because they know that, at some point, even the best writers can no longer
see errors that will be readily visible to an objective set of eyes. These big names need a good editor,
and so do you.

Let's work together to ensure you bring to market a book that is worthy of your name on the cover. Your
story was worth writing, so it is worth the time and effort required to ensure it's the best it can be before
you publish.
Extensive editing experience: 30 years non-fiction; 5 years fiction

In the past five years, I've edited four novels and countless short stories.

Of the four novels, three became Amazon best-sellers (achieving the
number 1, 2, and 5 spots), and two won awards and garnered other
prestigious accolades, including The 2013 Editors' Choice Award, Best
Book of 2016, and Best Historical Fiction of 2016.

          MY MISSION: To enhance the author's voice, not change it
Emily Gmitter
Northeastern University
Boston, MA
Major: English